CineSLAM 2013 Program

Opening Night | Hooker-Dunham Theater @ 6:30PM

BARE | directed by Sean Devaney

BareWhen a young gay man has unprotected sex without revealing his HIV status, guilt propels him down a rabbit hole of regret & surreal manifestations of his past.


BECOMING JOHANNA | directed by Jonathan Skurnik

Becoming JohannaSometimes, to be who you are, you have to give everything away.

What happens when a teenager risks losing everything she loves in order to stay true to herself? “Becoming Johanna” tells the story of Johanna, a transgender teen girl who lives at the radical intersection of youth, gender and medical technology.

BEHIND THE OCTAGON | directed by Viridiana Lieberman

Behind the OctagonUhaulin’ it to Broadway!

Still at the beginning stage of this journey, “Behind the Octagon” follows the lesbian stage musical “Lesbian Love Octagon” on its hopeful journey to a run on Broadway. One part theatrical process, one part character study of its creators, producers and performers the documentary will also archive a history of the 90s lesbian scene on the lower east side in New York.


Dating SucksI haven’t had sex in over a year. Something has to be done.

An animated documentary that explores the successes, failures and overall incredible confusion of trying to date as a genderqueer trans person.


GO GO REJECT | directed by Heath Daniels

Go Go Reject“What a Bad Feeling”

Wholesome and eternally optimistic Daniel Ferguson yearns to leave his job at Yogurt World and fulfill his childhood dream of becoming the Jennifer Beals of male go-go dancing. Daniel’s Flashdance fantasy runs smack into opposition from club promoters, who are less interested in his dancing ability than they are the physical attributes of the more muscular dancers. With undaunted ingenuity Daniel turns his small frame into a huge success.

HAPPY HOUR | directed by Becky Lane

Happy HourA 1960’s bar is the setting for a fantasy meeting between two women and a lament for another who ponders the road not taken.

Two women share a look that launches a fantasy encounter. An homage to the women who had the courage to explore their sexuality in the mid 20th century, and a lament for those who could not.

SEAMLESS | directed by Andrea Meyerson

SEAMLESSCheck in at the Arise Hotel and Spa…your stay will leave you in stitches!

Caught between lust and the law, hotel manager Michael MacKenzie tries not to become completely unraveled when dealing with a young bellman’s uniform malfunction.

SPOONERS | by Bryan Horch

SpoonersWhile shopping for a new mattress, Nelson becomes an unwitting spectacle for a throng of captivated suburban shoppers.

Corey and Nelson are finally ready to upgrade their old lumpy futon to a grown-up bed. The problem is, Nelson is too uptight to shop for a bed with his husband. When Nelson goes into a bed store alone, he’s confronted by a supposedly user-friendly Smartbed that drills him with personal and presumptive questions based on the gender of his “sleeping partner.”

WRECKED | directed by Elizabeth Ellis

WreckedSpencer is a mediocre television writer whose terrible life decisions have lost her her life in LA and sent her back to live with her brother in Seattle. Her best friend Thomas tags along on a mission to fix her life.


Join us after the festival at the Brattleboro American Legion Hall for the Pride Dance!
($5 cover charge at door).

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