CineSLAM 2012 Program

Opening Night | Hooker-Dunham Theater @ 6:15PM & Repeat Program @ 8:15PM | Saturday, June 30th

THE OLDEST LESBIAN IN THE WORLD! | by Renee Sotile and Mary Jo Godges

Nearing 100 years old, a national treasure, Bobbie Staff whimsically exposes a rare and revealing insight into the romantic life of a butch lesbian born in 1913. Accompanied by her long time friend, Sweet Baby J’ai, Bobbie takes us on a trip down a very steamy memory lane, through photographs and vivid memories of many decades living her life as an out lesbian in New York City and Los Angeles.

STEAM ROOM STORIES: Is Everyone Gay? | directed by JC Calciano

Grab a towel and join the guys in the Steam Room for a sexy new story.




THE QUEEN OF MY DREAMS | directed by Fawzia Mirza & Ryan Logan

As a young girl, Fawzia Mirza fell under the spell of Bollywood heroines and their promise of love and feminine perfection. As an adult, she looks back and re-imagines the epic romance in the classic film Aradhana in a different light.






50FAGGOTS | directed by Randall Jenson


50Faggots is a social and cultural experiment. It is an interactive, living archive of queer history. This project focuses on the continued exploration on the diversity of effeminate gay men within American cultures and communities.

GEN SILENT: Krys Anne’s Story | Directed by Stu Maddux

This short version of GEN SILENT, a film about older LGBT people and the trials and successes they have in adapting, was lovingly produced by director Stu Maddux for CineSLAM. This exclusive cut of the film focuses on Krys Anne, a transgender woman who struggles to cope with her terminal illness.


STEAM ROOM STORIES: Is it Just Me? | directed by JC Calciano

Grab a towel and join the guys in the Steam Room for a sexy new story.




THE DETECTIVE | reinterpretation by Jim de Seve

A reinterpretation of the 1968 film THE DETECTIVE, Jim de Seve’s mission was to strip the movie of all but its gay content. Thus we skip merrily from Sinatra flipping through physique magazines to naked interrogations downtown. The self-loathing homosexuals of the film speak to Hollywood’s view of gaydom. It is tempered, however, with a Sinatra oscillating between disgust and compassion. “These people are not murderers,” he exclaims to a too eager Robert Duvall who’s roughing up some rough trade. Within a few scenes Sinatra is holding hands with a psychotic faggot who he goads into admitting that he is, in fact, a murderer!
Jim de Seve on

33 TEETH | by Evan Roberts

“33 Teeth” is about Eddie, a 14 year old who has a crush on his older, buff neighbor, Chad. One day, this crush heightens after Eddie spies on Chad in the bathroom measuring his manhood with a red comb. This short is based on a true story!
33 TEETH on

Join us after the repeat screening at the Brattleboro American Legion Hall for the Pride Dance! ($5 cover charge at door).

Sunday Screenings, Session 1 | The Organ Barn at Treefrog Farm @ 3:00PM | Sunday, July 1st

POKER FACE | directed by Becky Lane


Molly and Janet are best friends…and maybe more, but a girls’ night poker game leads to revealed secrets and a friendship called into question. POKER FACE is a story about trust, disclosure, and the assumptions people make as they open their hearts to each other.


Attempts to define gender identity often fall short of grasping the complex nature of terms, experiences, and self-discovery. We look at three members of the trans community – Rob, Charlene and Rebecca – all willing to share their intimate journeys in order to bring all of us together with greater understanding and compassion.
Todd Cross on

FREAK | by Eric Casaccio

Like the title character on Ugly Betty, Randall O’Brien knows the difficulties of following your heart and pursuing one’s dreams. Take a peek inside his little world of spiritual masks, butterflies, angels and fabulous wigs — wigs fashioned for an elegant yet freaky-looking woman named Sophia that Randall dresses up as. From a simple answering machine to an out-of-this-world human attraction, a tender soul threatens to crumble, leading to a path of self-destruction. Randall’s true spirit must face this gruesome static in his mind before it is too late.

BACK ON BOARD (Sneak Preview of Trailer) | directed by Cheryl Furjanic


BACK ON BOARD explores the captivating, compelling, and complicated life of an Olympic star whose athletic talent spurred a worldwide fascination with diving. Part biography, part social exploration – this film reveals Louganis’ evolution from childhood diving prodigy to Olympic champion, and from pioneering openly gay athlete with HIV to almost forgotten sports icon. BACK ON BOARD is an engrossing story of an American legend.

This film is currently in production.

CHANGING THE GAME | produced by Matt Paco

In the hyper-masculine world of sports, where star athletes like Kobe Bryant are caught uttering gay slurs on national TV and high school students like Jacob Garner are taunted daily for being for being gay, homophobia and athletics may seem forever intertwined. However, there’s a tidal wave of change on the rise, not only in sports by also in mainstream America.

Sunday Screenings, Session 2 | The Organ Barn at Treefrog Farm @ 4:30PM | Sunday, July 1st

HUSTLING | directed by Sebastian La Cause

Ryan Crosby, aka Rod Driver, is a sex worker who is turning forty and still turning tricks. He realizes he wants change but quickly discovers he has a very limited skill set. The series explores his rediscovery of life as he examines the choices he’s made. A smart, sexy, edgy drama with dark comedy, starring Sebastian La Cause, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Stephen Guarino, Brent Barrett and Gerald McCullouch.




STEAM ROOM STORIES: Is it Gay? | directed by JC Calciano

Grab a towel and join the guys in the Steam Room for a sexy new story.




FLOAT | directed by Kareem Mortimer

FLOAT has been one of the more successful shorts of the 2007 festival season. It has been nominated for a prestigious Iris Prize, the largest short film prize in the world, a recipient of the HBO best short film prize in Miami. It secured a US distribution deal with Frameline, a television deal with the MTV network LOGO and has been licensed commercially in Austria, and Germany.



Through a mix of archival photographs, artwork, publicity ephemera, silent movies, blues recordings, narration by the well-known lesbian writer, Jewelle Gomez, “Ttain’t Nobody’s Bizness” presents the lives of these sexual/social pioneers in an enlightening and entertaining historical context.





Stick around for the after-party BBQ, where we will announce the winner of the Chessie Award (Best Short at CineSLAM).

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